Los Angeles, post 5

Finally last night I saw down worked through the majority of my research notes notes from the library. Basically I was transcribing my hand-written notes from shorthand! I also loaded my first batch of pictures- but I’m not sure how to deal with all these photos. I am discovering that half the work behind research is simply having a good organization system. n order to get through the remaining site visits I will need at least one, maybe two more full days wandering around the streets of LA. It turns out going to San Diego might be a bit of a stretch as there are only 11 addresses to visit there. Who knows what I’ll find though!

Today I visited four far-flung halls from the 1940’s. I had to go to these addresses by car as they were all located in early automobile suburbs outside of downtown Los Angeles- it was probably a 30 minute drive between each hall! One is still an active community center, although in retrospect the “Olympic Jewish Hall” which was active in 1940 may not have been entirely secular. On the same site today stands an absolutely massive Jewish Community Center for Temple Beth Am. The temple complex occupies nearly an entire city block…

We are regulars on the Metro now! Afterwards we headed back into downtown for the Artwalk. The whole downtown came ALIVE for Artwalk! It was such a different place from yesterday. Spring and Broadway and Main were lined with food trucks and the streets were full of people. I tried the infamous Bull Kogi and shared a delicious veggie dosa while we generally enjoyed ourselves wandering all over. My favourite gallery was the Continental. In particular, they were showing a sculpture of a woman whose voluptuous hips and rear were more substantial than the rest of her combined. A bit of modern feminist commentary?

LA feels more and more like a world city to me the longer I am here. It was fascinating driving on all those boulevards to get between disparate hall sites today. I put on some klezmer music and drove all the way from Beverly through Hollywood along the boulevards. There were a few distinctive intersections and some hills- all of which made for easy driving. Really, the houses here are the nicest part of the city. Then maybe the dogs come second!

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