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Having great ideas

I’ve started writing morning pages again.  As in,  I wrote a page this morning. And it’s given me a few ideas to ponder.   I feel a little like the girl on this cover, from my collection of vintage knitting patterns. Bright eyed but a little bit shy. What if I never make any of these great […]


There’s always more to experiment тексты with in the cheap nfl jerseys kitchen and its fun to document when a mess turns out cheap oakley sunglasses delicious!  Seriously- cheap jordans I find that unless I write down a concoction, it will never get made again. Although my culinary style is loose and biographical, you’ll hockey jerseys find information about my sources among […]


Hello, I’m Nicola. I’ve been blogging cheap nhl jerseys here since Джамала 2008 and only my friends ever noticed. I’m not even sure they did. But that’s okay! I have so many hobbies I wanted to keep on track of them somehow. Knitting, baking, cooking, sewing, writing, cartography, music, drawing.. the list goes on. cheap […]